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Sleeping in Sweden

On our 2016 trip to Sweden, we used Airbnb to find comfortable, inexpensive accommodations.  At $75/night, this new backyard cabin was perfect. Located in Falun, it was near our sightseeing objective in this part of Sweden, artist Carl Larsson's house in Sundborn, which is NW of Stockholm in central Sweden.  (139 miles and 3 hours)  See "Sights" for details on Larsson's house tour.

Our second stop was on Lake Siljan, almost 4 hours (191 miles) NW of Stockholm.  Here we found an Airbnb real log cabin in the tiny village of Färnäs, just outside of Mora, the principal town on the north side of the lake. ($53/night) With a fully equipped kitchen and private bathroom, this cabin was an excellent home away from home, and it reminded me of my Swedish heritage. Our host was a high school hockey coach who had trained several Swedes who went on to play in the NHL.  His daughter showed us her trampoline skills, and the host offered the use of his charcoal fire after he was finished to cook our dinner.  This area of Dalarna is where the red carved wooden horse factories are located.  Also, we wanted to visit the artist Andres Zorn's museum and home and learn about the Midsummer church boat races. (See "Sights" for the details on these attractions.)

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