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Sleeping in Norway
Like Switzerland, traveling in Norway is expensive.  Airbnb and other websites work for cities and larger towns, but if you want to drive Norway's country roads and see sights not often visited by Americans, you should consider campgrounds that offer charming cabins.  We rented one like this in Rjukan--where the WWII Norwegian resistance sabotaged the factory that produced heavy water for the Nazi atomic bomb--for $44/night.  

You can find these cabins and more at these websites, all of them are in English.
   Norcamp is a site that lists Norwegian campgrounds with cabins.  It is easy to use, and we recommend using the map to locate cabins along Norway's country roads.
   Norcamp lists the Rjukan and Haraldshaugen camp cabins featured above.  Also, we recommend that you consider visiting the Geiranger fjord, considered the most beautiful fjord in Norway. The Stadheimfossen campground, just one of many in the area, offers an ideal location next to a waterfall.  A four-person cabin costs $51/night low-season or $57/night high-season.
   The Sognefjord is within easy striking distance from Bergen.  It has a website to find accommodations and attractions. The Djuvik campground provides four-person cabins for $46/night low-season and $51/night high-season.

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