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Driving on the Left in England

   We found the adjustment to driving on the left side of the road relatively easy.  The major roads are a breeze.  Our problems occurred when we drove on the secondary roads and in small villages, which was most of the trip. 

   Secondary roads are narrow and in some cases, one-lane.  English drivers who are accustomed to these roads drive very fast, and it seems that they will sideswipe you.  Thus, the tendency is to drive on the far left shoulder where you will often hit the curb. 

   Main roads through small villages pose a problem.  Parking is scarce in these villages built during the middle ages. Thus, locals are allowed to park in the street, which is often a two-lane road.   Drivers must give way when oncoming traffic is using the open lane.  It is not a huge problem when there is little traffic, but you must be cautious.

   In general, English drivers are very courteous, except if you are a pedestrian.  There are very few crosswalks in towns, and they will not give way when you try to cross the street. 

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