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Welcome to Europe's Country Roads


My wife, Wendy, and I have a radically different approach to European travel.  We believe that the people you meet, not the sights you see, create the most unforgettable travel memories.

While many Americans fight crowds to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre or the crown jewels in the Tower of London, we prefer to travel
Europe’s Country Roads


We visit small villages and see sights, not in American travel guides. We stay on farms because we want to meet and get to know the locals and share their daily lives.   Our goal is to meet and get to know real Europeans.

And you can't do that by paying high prices for a bus tour or river cruise that insulates you from average Europeans. We typically spend three weeks traveling
Europe's Country Roads for the cost of a one-week package tour. On our last three-week trip to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we booked twenty-two nights for an average price of $64 per night. It would be difficult to do that in the US even at Motel 6 prices. Most of these were on farms in immaculately clean one-bedroom apartments with full kitchens and private bathrooms.

Still not convinced that traveling
Europe's Country Roads is the way to go? Below are just a few of the fascinating Europeans we have met by wandering Europe's Country Roads.

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Please let us show you how to create twice the memories at half the price.

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